Some of these tips may seem a bit obvious, but when applying it is sometimes very easy to forget the basic steps:

1. In the opening email ensure to clearly state your availability. PR companies receive hundreds of emails looking for internships and if your availability is clearly stated it will be easier for them to see if the time frame suits straight away.

2.Keep your email to the point. State what colleges course your doing, what type of experience you’re looking for and what type of industry experience you already have.

3.Personalize your emails don’t just send mass emails to loads of companies. It is vital to have researched the type of company you are applying and express an interest in their line of work.

4.On your CV outline your college results and achievements to date, also many PR companies are always intrigued to hear about your hobbies etc

5.Have at least two references, one professional and one academic (be ensured to inform these references beforehand as an act of courtesy)

6.Don’t be disheartened if you have little or no replies from initial emails the PR industry is very small in Ireland thus very competitive. Whilst looking for internships late summer is usually the best time to be available as most students also looking for internships are then on holidays etc and companies have less people applying.  

7.If you are very interested in a particular internship and have no response try a follow up call to make sure your email has been received

8.If you get to interview stage ensure to treat this experience professionally. Although you’re still a student do dress formal and research into the latest developments in the industry be up to date and informed.

9.During the interview know and express an interest in some the agencies clients or if ‘In house’ know some of the campaigns run and what you liked about them. Also bring along a portfolio made up of college work and work done during previous internships.

10.If you get the internship treat this like a real job turn up on time, be enthusiastic, offer opinions and ideas and be excited to learn. (Even if this is an unpaid position be grateful for the experience, dive right in and learn learn learn!)